Our Story


I take great pride in making my home beautiful and have often found weeding to be tedious and boring. I got the idea for the Ring Weeder because I didn’t enjoy using the screwdriver like tool to get under the roots of the small weeds in my flowerbed.  I am right handed and had to dig under the root first, loosen up the weed, put the tool down and remove the weed with my right hand. It was not a natural feeling.  The more I used this screwdriver tool, the more I thought there has to be a more efficient and quicker way to weed areas where bigger tools wouldn’t fit and or would just end up making a mess and burying the weeds. I knew that if I could invent a tool that is effective, easy, and quick this product would appeal to people who love gardening, and love the joy that they feel in making their gardens look beautiful.


Then one day while weeding a flower bed I thought to myself if I had a tool attached directly to my hand, it would be much faster and more natural. The night before, I watched a Seinfeld episode that featured Edward scissor hands. In that episode Kramer said he wished he had shoehorn hands.  Bingo!!!!! 


The idea was there, but how to go about making it was the tough part.  Years went by and still no progress. I drew what I thought I wanted it to be on a sheet of paper. Then on Thanksgiving Day of 2012, my son Stephen was home with his college roommate Geetae.  I told Geetae about the idea and he flipped over it. He, along with my son Stephen encouraged me to get a prototype done and see this through. 


I found a welder that helped with the prototype. The original idea was three forked ends that were placed over my thumb, my index and middle finger.  I thought I had the perfect tool. Two days after Thanksgiving I tried it out in my flowerbeds.  Much to my disappointment it did not work as planned. It was very bulky and did not remove the weeds in a natural way. The dream was over.  Or was it? My son Stephen told me not to give up that it was a good idea and to rethink the way the tool should be made. So I removed the tool from my fingers and started to weed with just my hand. I noticed my middle finger was not involved and that I intuitively used my index finger to penetrate the soil and my thumb to aide in pulling the weed out.  After discussing this with Stephen we then decided to make it like a long fingernail but reversed for extra strength when penetrating the soil.  I went back to my welder and redesigned the tool. I along with a horticulturist and my neighbor tested it out. She loved it because it was the perfect tool to use in those tight spots. My neighbor Anthony who is also passionate about weeding and needing the proper tools to get the job done also gave his approval.  


After several days we came up with what we now call The Ring Weeder. The world’s most intuitive way to weed your garden.


The last hurdle was where was I going to get the financial backing to invent this small garden tool?  My son John advised me to put it on a crowd-funding site called Kickstarter, after months of preparation we were ready to launch.  I needed $8500 in a 40 day time period in order to get my funding.  Well in one week I was funded and after the 40 days we raised over $21,000.  During that 40-day time period, we were written up by Yahoo Homes & Garden blog. The Ring Weeder was ranked number 2 out of the top ten home projects on Kickstarter.   We have been reviewed by Gizmag, by a blog in Ireland called Gardening Matters, and many others. 


The Ring Weeder is an American dream story.  My hope was to bring a whole new way of weeding gardens to the millions of people that are passionate about gardening. We have testimonials from Master Gardener’s and others. The Ring Weeder is a patent –pending and is an LLC. My family came together and did what they could to help fulfill my dream of inventing something people would love.


I currently teach 6,7 and 8th grade Physical Education and Health on Long Island. I also have been in the Landscaping business for over 30 years. I specialize in flower design and rose care.  I love teaching and designing flower gardens. I have the best of both worlds. I’m always thinking of new and creative "out of the box" activities for my students. I also apply this creativity when it comes to gardening. This is how I came up with the Ring Weeder. If Edward Scissor’s hands can do it, why can’t I?  I tell everyone that purchases a Ring Weeder, remember always, Let the Ring Be Your Weeder!