A better way to weed with your hand


How it works

Compact Size, Intuitive Design, Easier Weeding

The Ring Weeder's forked tip pierces the ground with ease allowing you to loosen the soil around the weed to "pluck" it out without breaking off the root of the weed. Made of light weight high strength injection molded ABS plastic, The Ring Weeder allows you to get your weeding done swiftly.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful, weed free garden in a fraction of the time it would normally take.”
— Pat Shanley, President of the Manhattan Rose Society
A really cool and useful weeding tool!
— Mike the Gardener, Podcast Host of the Average Person Gardening Podcast
Great as a stocking stuffer, secret Santa surprise or gift for the kids, this little gadget is quite the workhorse
— Jessica Damiano, Master gardener and journalist with Newsday
Its small size and ease of use makes it my favorite tool for removing the weeds, roots and all!
— Angelika Swantek, Rose Specialist and Landscape Designer